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5/4/2016 - New BB-8 Canvas Print Available

My newest print, BB-8, is now available from ACME Archives Direct. This 16"x20" print hand signed and is limited to 95 pieces.


Kevin Graham (born 1970) is an American artist best known for his Star Wars and Disney art.

Kevin was born and graduated high school in Rhode Island. In 1989, Kevin moved from Rhode Island to Pennsylvania.

Kevin is 100% self taught. His early inspirations were gleaned from every aspect of art, with Frank Frazetta, Vincent Van Gogh and early traditional animators as major influences.

As a young artist, Kevin spent his free time studying every form, medium and style of art. Out of all the different styles of art, Kevin focused mostly on animation art and aspired to one day work for Disney.

In his later years, with the boom of the Internet, Kevin started sharing his art on many social media platforms. With encouragement from many other artists and fans of his work, Kevin approached Topps Trading Card Company. He was hired by Topps and has done artwork for them featuring The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Heroes, Halo, MLB, NBA and many other subjects.

While working for Topps, Kevin was approached by other companies including Upper Deck, Rittenhouse, Breygent, and others. Subjects included characters from Dr. Who, Ray Harryhausen, The Wizard of Oz, Dexter, Marvel/Iron Man, Hammer Horror and DC Comics.

Kevin owns a multimedia/art design company (GrahamArt Productions) that has produced art for many big companies including freelancing for Lucasfilm and Disney from 2006 on. He has done artwork for celebrities, singers, actors, and even a former president of the United States and his wife. In addition to his art design company, Kevin continues to make traditional animation cels for friends and clients.

Kevin currently resides in Pennsylvania with his wife and 3 sons. When not spending time with his family, Kevin spends every waking hour working on his art, hoping it enriches other peoples' lives as it does his.

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